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FTR: Charles Nelson, Byron Nelson's brother sang at Carnegie Hall and he sang and directed in many Concert Halls throughout the United States.

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Christmas in October

An annual event for the Choir at Calvary Temple Church in Irving, Texas was a party celebrating Christmas at the Las Colinas Country Club, due to our hectic schedules during the Christmas season. (The Christmas program that I was involved with at Calvary Temple was a blessing & I hardly noticed the 5,000 seats in the audience...as they were there every Sunday morning, too.)

Note: TBN now owns the building  which was originally owned by Calvary Temple...

The Choir Pastor and Director liked to move me around in various voice range sections. Thankfully I had learned how to read music, especially during my ACU book tests while in my Music class during College with Professor Jack Boyd. The Pastor would place me in Soprano 1, Soprano 2 or in the Contralto section and I would have what I considered a 'book test' in front of possibly thousands of people. I was thankful when he told my section leader, "Have you ever noticed that whatever section that I put her in - that's the part she sings?"

I started singing in a public Choir at St. Raphael's Church in Minnesota - in the Children's Choir for Easter. We sang in four languages.

Las Colinas Country Club note: They have a special (if you schedule to get married there before November 30, 2016 - for January or February of 2017 - they will give you January/February 2016 pricing.) [my note: personally I like Four Seasons Dallas with the Nelson family connection, but my favorite Country Club in the area would be Stonebriar Country Club. I have always felt welcome at all of these places.]

Here's some Christmas music from

Elvis Presley's 1957 Christmas Album

to help celebrate Jesus, the King of Kings:

Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, TX

Dear Musicians, It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in

The 2016-2017 Season of the AFAF. http://afafestival.com 
new email: afafestival1@gmail.com (to clarify due to fonts email is festival with the #1)

Here are some guys in tuxes doing fund raising ~ put here so I can watch (and for the purpose of comment) ~ and you can watch, too: 'Frank Sinatra Spectacular' hosted by Johnny Carson in 1965. The guys in this video were known as friends of the family in my house ~ and maybe my Uncle Ross "P." Toran got to watch the closed circuit feed in Chicago, too.

The above mentioned Choir Pastor was the only one to wear a tux ~ to a Christian telethon that I have participated in.

Bring Your Bible To School Day