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While Norman was alive he explained in open court that his given name is Norman Kingsley Mailer, but he goes by [now, went by] : Norman Mailer.




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Compassion 101

One might wonder - why I start with what I do in my bio - a supposed^ representative of the Norman Mailer Estate didn't want me to talk about DNA. Frankly, I think the two blood types is more difficult to write about - but my story in some respects - starts there - with my conception. In addition, I have not agreed to not talk about DNA.

^ I asked the Attorney that contacted me to put in writing that she "represented" the Norman Mailer Estate. (as contacting someone and "representing" someone could be two different things) I never received such notification with her stating in writing that she "represented" the Norman Mailer Estate.

I had informed an Executor of  the Norman Mailer Estate and John Mailer, that I was willing to do a DNA test. I was informed by the above attorney that they would require it to be done in an accredited manor. My DNA is on file in an accredited manner with Lab Corp Corporate and the Attorney mentioned above has been made aware of such fact. They did not take advantage of my willingness to confirm the DNA. I have my written copy of the DNA information in my Safety Deposit Box at the bank. I have never been required to give a DNA sample to the Norman Mailer Estate, nor has the Norman Mailer Estate disputed in any written correspondence to me, that I am Norman Mailer's child.

 I recently have learned that it is possible to have one man's blood type and another man's DNA in my organs. [11.16.2017]

I was aware that I could have organs with different DNA already.

There actually was a season of my life when the dominant blood type changed in my life, so that is apparently possible. While doing research - I found that it has happened to another person, also.

After Elvis Presley died - my mom explained to me that "Santa Claus" (father 1) wasn't coming to the house anymore - however, "Santa" (father 2) was still providing presents. Any presents from my mom Vi and Gerald Elander would say "mom and dad" the others were from "Santa".

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