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While Norman was alive he explained in open court that his given name is Norman Kingsley Mailer, but he goes by [now, went by] : Norman Mailer.


My mom had told me that I had two fathers...and I asked if she meant one father and Gerald Elander - she said, no...you have two fathers and you can call Gerald, your dad - but he is not your father. The father's became known as father one, Elvis and father two, Norman - also known as the man on the phone.

 When I was asked to fill out my family tree in Elementary School - I explained to my teacher that I would put his name - but that they would kill him, if I knew his name. I had heard Gerald J. Elander threaten both men's lives on the night of the phone call - when I spoke to Norman Mailer. I told the teacher that about all that I knew about him was that he was famous.

The teacher told me to write "unknown" on that side, which I did.

That did not go over very well at home at all. I had been told before the phone call by Gerald J. Elander that they knew one thing about my father - they were sure that he was famous. For two famous men - to be considered "unknown" - that they did not like at all...my mom Vi - told me to never put that on my family tree again.

I asked my teacher to help me - after I whispered Norman Mailer's name in her ear - then, stared at my family tree...My teacher contacted Norman Mailer...and she had a question for me, which blood type did I have? A or B? I told her that I didn't know and that I would ask my mom, Vi. She wouldn't tell me. I told the teacher and she asked if I would let my blood be tested - to find out my blood type. I told her that I would need to ask for permission from my mom and the teacher said, "What if your father gave his permission?" I said, "Oh he wants to know, ok - I will do it then - if my father wants to know." The School Nurse came to my room and drew my blood and I told her, "I could have gone to your office." She replied, "This has to be done in public."

I asked my teacher my blood test results and she explained that I had both blood types. I said, "Both blood types - both A and B?" She said, yes...and I went to tell my mom. Vi.

My mom, Vi, said, "That's a big fat zero."

I told my teacher what she said...the teacher was pregnant...and I saw her again the next year - when she visited my next grade...she said, "We've heard from them - and yes, I said them."

While visiting Graceland last year - one of the gift shops had bowling shirts...I asked one of Elvis' fans - when did he wear bowling shirts? She explained that he started doing that in the 60's

My mom, Vi, was a bowler. A zero around a number, when scoring in bowling, is signified with a circle (zero) surrounding the number. I have learned that when two eggs grow together - they are two young to reject the other egg - as they haven't developed that much, yet - hence, was born with the two blood types.

During the phone call with Norman Mailer - he asked me about my gender and I confirmed to him, that I was a girl. I realized recently that I am a woman who liked to watch war movies as a child...

When a urologist did emergency surgery on my kidneys - he found two urethra tubes...he sat at the foot of my bed - until I woke from my surgery.  He said, "Did you know? Let me ask you this way, when did you start your period?" I said, "Eleven." He said, "That's kind of young." I said, "It was due to stress - my grandpa died." He then explained to me about the two urethra tubes and that one of them had been tied off and was no longer connected to kidneys.

As a child, I asked my mom if she could have my driver, LuAnn Sandford pick me up...it had been awhile since I had seen her. When I saw her - I asked her if she was my friend - even though she worked for my mom, (VI).  I asked LuAnn - if I could tell her a secret...I leaned over the front seat of the car from the back seat and told her, "I know my father's name."

The next time that I saw LuAnn - she wanted me to get in her car. I had been told specifically not to get in the car with her - unless I had been told by my mom or the school that she was to pick me up...because my mom was concerned that I would be kidnapped. LuAnn kept driving beside me - until I got in the car - after I considered running, as I had been told to do. She screamed at me to get in the car, which I did on the "safe" route that I had been given to walk...and I told her that I shouldn't do it...but I did.

LuAnn explained to me that she had told my mom, VI - the secret that I had told her. She actually said, "Sharyn - no matter what happens, know that I love you." I screamed at her, "You told her, oh no, they said that they would kill him."

LuAnn died in a car accident. The car was hit twice by the same vehicle...and LuAnn's body was cut in half...Her children were in the backseat. At LuAnn's funeral - I was told by my mom - that LuAnn's death was not an accident.

Shortly thereafter, it was announced that Elvis Presley had died. I was invited to his funeral, but I stayed home with my mom and went to school with my friends.

Norman Mailer kept in contact with Gerald Elander (at his work) and myself (through my school teachers).

It took a long time for me to figure out who Norman Mailer was...and then, I found out that he lived on the East Coast - just like my maternal grandmother, Olga V. (Forschen) Johnson had said.

Sharyn Lynn Johnson Elander a.k.a. known as Norman Mailer's daughter - Jeanne Johnson in the dedication of the Presidential Papers by Norman Mailer - which was published in 1963 - the year of my birth(s) and represented the Johnson conceived while Norman was married to Lady Jeanne.

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