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about real red daisies UK

This is a b/w photo of a painting entitled:

The Castle in the Forest

which my mom, Vi, painted as my High School graduation present. I graduated High School in 1981. (The painting is an oil painting in color...I received it after I moved in to my second apartment - as my mom had been still working on it in the house's basement.)

I asked for A CASTLE because I had seen them many times during my four years of German classes in High School.

Elvis Presley was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery.

Norman Mailer named one of his books, The Castle in the Forest.

My mom explained that

as Norman Mailer's child I was his fifth, V.

as Elvis Presley's child I was his first, I.

around Foley, MN I was called VI's daughter.

Jimmy Day, one of Elvis Presley's guitar players (now deceased)...asked me if I had a nickname as a child - I explained that in town I was called Vi's daughter...It was Jimmy Day that explained to me that VIS was actually in Elvis' name...I had not noticed that as a child.