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as of 8.9.2018

One of my last conversations that I had with Gerald Elander while still attending High School - was about Science.

Gerald explained that he was an organ donor and what that entailed. He then suggested that perhaps I should donate my body to Science. I asked him why - and he said that someone might want to dig up my body. I again asked why would someone want to do that.

I explained that maybe I should become an organ donor like him. He explained, that I could - but...

I stopped him and said, so you think that I should donate my body to Science for research purposes...

My mom, Vi, met Gerald while she was already pregnant with me. She first started dating Gerald when I was about one year old. Gerald was aware of the relationship between my mom and Elvis and the situation with Norman Mailer. Infact, both men would phone Gerald at work to get updates on me or to pass a message on to me. This continued even after my teachers started giving me messages from both men, also.

When Gerald died his organs went to at least five people. After the funeral services the man who took his place at General Mills spoke with me. He asked me how I pronounced my name. I said, "E-land-er" (with a long E). He said that I should start pronouncing it "EL-and-ER". I asked him how he knew about that and he explained that he had worked with Jerry and he knew about the situation, also.

I still am considering donating my body to Science - especially the more I learn about the significance of blood type(s) and DNA...I guess I could tell the Scientists to start with the extra tube that another Doctor told me that he found when doing kidney surgery on me.

I do have a Doctor from Harvard that I communicate with, as he follows me on Twitter. His son specializes in Genetics.




P.S. Gerald never officially adopted me, I was raised with him in my mom's home.

P.S.S. Gerald made really good pancakes on Saturday mornings. He would make homemade turtles and peanut brittle around this time of the year,

November 17, 2017