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Why are you sharing this information, now, Sharyn?

I will explain one of the reasons after I upload Elvis A. Presley's will. I have an impending delicate surgery to schedule, also...and I want to make sure that the "information" is out there in the public...before that surgery...

[This question answered 2.27.2018]

Where do you want to be buried?

My decision (as of this time) is that I would like to be buried as close to possible to a Willow Tree in the Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, Illinois. go to: https://www.gracelandcemetery.org/ for more information.

[This question answered 2.27.2018]

A Journalist asked: When did your mother meet Elvis?

I never asked my mom that question. Her brother, Axel E. Johnson, III - suggested that they had known each other about five years before I was conceived and that she thought that she would marry him. Axel did not use Elvis' name - he used a form of a code name. Elvis shared while he was performing...that he wanted me to know what happened. They had met shortly after he was on the Ed Sullivan show.

When did your mother meet Norman?

On the one and only night that they had sex. My mom informed me that she had met him at a party in Chicago, Illinois. After Norman Mailer died - a long time friend of Norman's announced on localTV in Texas - where I was living at the time - that he was there with Norman at the party. He informed that Norman and my mom stood near the piano in the corner of the room and spoke for about an hour - before THEY left. Norman's friend made no mention - if there was someone at the piano.

What are your thoughts on this, Sharyn?

There is a reason why two peacocks are at the entrance of the music room where the piano is in the Mansion, known as Graceland. I saw a peacock for the first time while at Como Park Zoo in Minnesota - I told my mom, Vi - that I thought it was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. I saw the invoice for the stained-glass peacocks when I toured Graceland. The Como Park Zoo was rented out by General Mills Corporation. I was told to ride the merry-go-round, which I did. General Mills Corporation - would eventually rent out the entire Valley Fair Amusement Park - once a year for their employees and their families, only.

Three Journalists have asked: What was the specific date that you were conceived?

My response: I don't recall my conception(s) - let me know if you do.

Elvis suggested while performing - not to mention the date, specifically.

What are your thoughts on conception, Sharyn?

Conception is a two part process of fertilization and implantation. A fertility specialist told me that fertility is a Science within itself. She also explained that if two (or more) eggs are released - they aren't necessarily released at the same time. I discussed freezing my eggs with her, also - explaining to her that if I didn't marry, then, I could always buy some sperm. Planned Parenthood explained to me that the reason Plan B works - is because the fertilized egg(s) floats around for about three - five days...before implanting in the woman's uterus. The fertility specialist, Sue, told me that "One thing that I learned after working in fertility for over 20 years - eggs do whatever they want."

[NOTE: I followed the English rule - which Norman Mailer sent me through a message while in College during my English class...with Professor Grassel, if a number is less than 10 it should be written out. See Elvis Presley's will for context.]

What did you look like when you were born?

My mom, Vi, told me that she wasn't allowed to see me until I was two days old. She said that she almost died giving birth to me (infact, she claimed she did die & was brought back to life). My mom told me that I had a tail. I asked her why she didn't wait to remove the "boy" part of me until I as old enough to decide what to do. She said that it didn't have any legs and that she wouldn't raise a cripple. Elvis confirmed during a taping session that he had been "told the boy was a cripple".

My mom would later give me a set of "freakies" from the Freakie cereal. She told me that I looked one of those - a freak, when I was born. I told her that I thought they were pretty. She did not like that at all. I asked her which one was most like me when I was born - and she said the blue one. She told me that if the other part hadn't been removed - I would have been able to be seen in a circus somewhere.

I almost met Norris Church Mailer - when she was doing her book tour in Arkansas, if I had known then - that she was dying - I probably would have gone. I wondered what she thought - I've only read the first chapter of her book - A Ticket To The Circus - but the title itself said enough.

I've only seen one photo of myself that was taken in the hospital, which my mom explained was when I was about a week old...I was wrapped in a blue blanket and I had an A carved on one of my facial cheeks. I asked my mom where the "A" came from and she explained that it was from the forceps to take me out of her - while we were both dying.

Are  you a fan of Elvis?

No. I do appreciate his career though and I hope to honor Elvis, my father, more than any fan ever could.

According to the Court in the City of Memphis, TN - I am a legal issue (per Elvis' will and being a child at the time of his death).

NOTE: One of Elvis' children appealed a ruling and in appeals court - there was a determination that the child did not say that she was a "legal issue" only a child of Elvis, hence - my further stipulation of being a "legal issue". Ironically, my mom Vi - would sometimes answer my questions with, "It's a legal issue, Sharyn."

NOTE 2: I've been advised by an Attorney to include "natural born" while dealing in court with this matter, also.

Are you a fan of Norman?

No. I do appreciate his career though and I hope to honor Norman, my father, more than any fan ever could.

In his book titled - The Spooky Art: Thoughts on Writing - Norman apologized to the women in his life from the 60's.

NOTE: I've been advised by an Attorney to include "natural born" while dealing in court with this matter, also. 

What was the "code name" your Uncle used?

I'd rather not answer that question. The name was also used by Ross "P." Toran when discussing tailored suits and supporting local business. I spoke with Evelyn - one of Vi's sisters and she confirmed - that there was no actual correlation with the name, although it ended with "ski".

What is the your significance of the "ski" part of a name?

It has to do with a joke that Don D. shared on the night of my Catholic Confirmation.

Three people enter a room - one of them was Swedish, one Jewish and one Polish...they said are we really going to do this? And one of them answered, Is the Pope Catholic? My mom went up to Don and told him he wasn't Polish. I named only one of my birds - Pulaski - after a Polish Colonel. My mom confirmed that to her knowledge - I wasn't actually Polish - but it was used as part of the joke to represent someone...I chose the name Pulaski - because a person can be from Poland (as mentioned in the joke, only) and be Jewish, also. We discussed the ending of the name - as I asked her if the ER ending met that they were from the same Country usually - similar to a SKI ending name. Norman Mailer had given me his name on the phone...it turns out that - not all ERs come from the same Country - just as not all SKIs do. The Mailers (see also: Mahler) came over to the U.S. from what was known as Russia and one of them was apparently born when the ship stopped off in South Africa - according to immigration records and research done in a Plano, TX Library basement. [Don D. worked with the phone company and he was my "Catholic" sponsor for my Catholic Confirmation. Don told me that he could tell me the phone number of anyone who called my house...but he never did give me any phone number information.]

[NOTE: I had Christmas with my family at the family Cabin (one time) in Northern Minnesota. The man also known as Santa Claus gave two pair of unwrapped skis...one pair for me and one pair for my brother - who was born with blond hair. My cousin, Dwight has four children and two of them got his dark hair and two of them got his wife's stark blond hair.]

What's your fondest memory of Elvis?

Hearing him singing in the hallway after he left my mom's bedroom. It was also nice for my mom to have a smile on her face: before Elvis would arrive and after Elvis would leave. I didn't see her much while Elvis was there...but she always made sure that we had food to eat and we would get Shasta pop to drink.

My mom told me once - you know - in the Bible a man can have more than one wife. I said, "Yes, mommy."

Sometimes when mom would appear a bit grumpy - I would say is it hunting season, yet? How long until hunting season, mom? She would sometimes - say, no it's not hunting season, yet...and I'd say but it's coming soon - right mommy...

Gerald Elander explained to me that there was a phrase that Elvis used about...being that time of the year...Gerald explained to me that - that was in reference to hunting season. Gerald hunted avidly...and would leave the house for weeks at a time - to hunt at his cabin in Northern Minnesota.

[Elvis mentioned that time of the year, again - in his 1968 show in the black leather suit. When Elvis visited my mom was not stipulated to a certain day or time and she was always available to him and he was always available to her. Elvis would fly in to a private airport...and one of my mom's friends would pick him up to bring him to her. I only saw the big black Cadillac in the driveway one time.]


I hope to honor my mom, Vi, also. I call her mom (not mother) per her request.

According to California law a person can have more than two parents. Also, if a person provides support to a minor child...that person can be considered a parent.

Note here that it was Gerald Elander who told me about the phrase "that time of the year" while we were in the forest near our cabin...I hope to honor the man that I called dad or daddy, also.