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Free Walk-Up Times for Meditation Garden 

Daily throughout the year there is a period of time for free-admission walk-up visits to the Meditation Garden at Graceland - where the grave sites of Elvis and members of his family are located. Then the area becomes part of the regular ticketed Graceland Mansion tours for the rest of the day. The winter hours for free walk-up visits are 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. daily.

NOTE from Sharyn: please keep in mind that Security is required on the grounds of Graceland. Personally, I apologize to Elvis' fans for the pay to see situation regarding Elvis' grave - but that is not currently part of my responsibility.  Also, the information (as seen above) is usually at the very end of the information - so I suggest that you scroll to the end of items put out from Graceland on their website to find future updates on visits to the Meditation Garden, please.

Graceland to Open Expanded “Private Presley” Exhibit Chronicling Elvis’ Military Career

Elvis Presley began his service in the United States military on March 24, 1958, when he was inducted into the U.S. Army. To salute our troops and to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of Elvis’ military service, Graceland has announced that free tickets to the new Elvis Presley’s Memphis entertainment and exhibit complex will be made available on Saturday, March 24, 2018 to all active and retired U.S. military, U.S. law enforcement officers and firefighters.

source: Graceland, Memphis, TN.

updated: February 26, 2018



I have recently confirmed (twice) that the name Colonel John Burrows* was used by Elvis Presley...He gave the reason for that name to the FBI as that he did not always get his MAIL...He also used the name when he went to visit President Nixon.

Elvis usually called me son or baby boy. There was not a person listed under my name as a baby girl Johnson or Sharyn Lynn Johnson - in the National Database of births - under my birth date, where I was born. However, there was a baby boy X listed.  When I mentioned it to someone - they asked me if I had been born a twin. My mother had informed me that I was a twin during an August Family Reunion - after Elvis had died. She explained that we were joined together - as conjoined twins would be joined together, but that we were two different sexes - like my cousins Gerald (now deceased) and Sherald.

The significance of the name Colonel - to me...has to do with my pet bird, which was named after a Colonel.

The significance of the name John - to me...is that in the Swedish name of Johnson - the term was made meaning John's son.

The significance of the term Burrows - to me...is the definition of the word, burrows, or burrow. *seems to be burrow and burrows were used perhaps?

source: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/burrow

If the name was given verbally and not spelled to the FBI or people at the Whitehouse - it could also be: Burroughs. There are other men that had the last name Burroughs:

Edgar Rice Burroughs - the creator and author of Tarzan

and another man, William S. (Seward) Burroughs. 1914–97, US novelist, noted for his experimental works exploring themes of drug addiction, violence, and homosexuality. His novels include Junkie (1953), The Naked Lunch (1959), and Interzone (1989)

source: http://www.dictionary.com/browse/burroughs

Elvis mentioned me as "daughter" one time in public, I think...I would tell you where it is - but it might disappear.

Sharyn Lynn Johnson Elander a.k.a. known as Norman Mailer's daughter - Jeanne Johnson in the dedication of the Presidential Papers by Norman Mailer - which was published in 1963 - the year of my birth(s) and represented the Johnson conceived while Norman was married to Lady Jeanne.

The name "Lynn" was what my mom considered the "boy" part of my name - even though she considered me her daughter.

My last name was changed to ELandER after my mom Vi - married Gerald J. Elander in the United States.

On Christmas Eve in 1980, I asked my mom, Vi, what happened to the boy part that the surgeon had taken care of? Was it considered Medical waste and disposed of properly? Was it buried? Vi responded and I quote her, "It was tastefully done." I replied, "...Did you eat it? That's gross mom - please tell me that you didn't eat it." I received no response from her to that question.

I then asked what had happened to the blobs that she had told me about when she had miscarried (...as she explained to me that she didn't want to raise a child/children that were like me - with two fathers as she had had sex with both Gerald and Elvis during those conceptions...)Vi explained to me overtime that the miscarriage had been done on purpose and that if she had known that the plops that she heard were babies - she would have brought them along...she had heard two - to three plops...and there was a lot of blood.

Gerald took Vi to the hospital - where it was diagnosed that she had an incomplete abortion - not a miscarriage...the hospital went in and removed two boys - that had been still attached to my mom, Vi. She called them Elvis' sons. On that Christmas Eve in 1980 - I asked her - What happened to those babies? Were they considered Medical waste? What happened to the bloody mess - she said that it had been cleaned up by the time that she got home from the hospital...I asked what happened to those babies? Were they buried? Were they fed to the dogs? Please mom, tell me they weren't fed to the dogs...once again - no response. I then, asked my mom - what did you think those blobs were? I said, "Of Course THEY were BABIES."

What do you call a child that was born both a girl and a boy in your will - when you don't want to use their name in addition to the names of other children?

Apparently, a legal issue.

The significance of this can be found in Elvis Presley's will.