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I first heard of the phrase: "DNA is DNA" when learning about a Scientist in Europe...as she first spoke it. I had a link on twitter that I was going to take off and put on a page and my computer shut off during the transfer...if anyone knows her name - as I don't recall it - please contact me. I learned about this Doctor because she had done some genetic work on the dress that was worn by a female who was present - when Abraham Lincoln was shot, as she and others wanted to study his DNA.

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"...I told you..." ~ Larry Birkhead ~ after court did DNA testing.

 ~5 men thought they were DL's father

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My personal thoughts ~

When I first learned that DNA was able to be tested - I considered it an answer to prayer, I still do.

My DNA profile has been done by Lab Corp - in their Corporate offices, as that Lab was recommended by an Attorney. I studied it some by starting to google what each code meant in the profile and decided to first look at the graph as a whole, as my Grad school teacher, Tom Winters, had taught me to do. I compared my profile to other profiles online and I found one line - which was different from any of the other profiles...instead  of one in each block - this line has two in each block. It was at this time that I determined - that I needed to put my DNA profile under lock and key in my safety deposit box.

I am aware the Norman Mailer Estate does not want me to mention DNA as they told me that in writing and also verbally by Lisa Westervelt, Attorney. However, I never agreed to not mention DNA. Matthew does not have Norman Mailer's DNA since he was born before he met his last wife - in addition, it was announced in public that Matthew was never formally adopted by Norman. This public statement was done on WBAI radio in 2007 - I downloaded the statement on to a flash drive at a later date.

I am aware that an Attorney for the Elvis Presley Estate apparently asked for DNA to be done in a case where a woman thought that she was Lisa Marie...so that avenue has probably now opened up...(apparently her social media presence - was so large - that it was thought necessary to do - I am not aware of follow-up for this case). I am older than Lisa Marie and told that I was Elvis' first born child by @GeraldJElanderat the family cabin - while I was in High School.  It's difficult for me to not think there are more of Elvis' children before me (due to his sexual prowess) - but I'm sure there are more after. In addition to Lisa Marie, I am aware of a DNA lab which claims to have Vernon's DNA through one of his children and they have also verified four more of Elvis' children through that same DNA.


A human's organs can have different DNA, due to conception - for instance when two fathers exist for one person. A zygote is to young to have the capacity to reject another father when two fertilizations take place. Apparently, DNA does not always match the blood type of the father, either...in the case of two fathers; although a person can also have two blood types - when two fathers exist.  The situation mentioned in this paragraph - happens in some Monkeys, also.