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about real red daisies UK

My mom and her husband (that she married in the United States) started speaking to me about my situation after my Elementary School classmates and I saw eggs hatch during class.

If sex is about the birds and the bees - then, this was part of the "bird" part.

It was explained to me that the eggs hatched after they had been fertilized...

"Did I know that sometimes an egg has two yolks?"

I asked, "Two yolks in the same egg?"

I will say that I was told, then, during the same conversation, that my father was famous.

I've known their names:
Elvis™ and Norman (mentioned in the order to which they "fertilized" me during my conception).

Mom spoke about Elvis™ all of the time, using his name...I never heard her mention Norman's name once - I know his name because I spoke with him on the phone. I grew to call them father one and father two at the house as my mom used the term "father" interchangeably between the two men.

The School Nurse drew my blood in the public classroom - after I told her that I could have gone to her office. My "father" wanted to know my blood type.

I was told that I had BOTH men's blood types.

The next year my teacher visited the school and she explained, we've heard from them...yes, I said them. They both don't know how much time they have, so they are going to go fast - and they know you are young,

First, you will learn how to make a movie...

Then, you will learn how to write a book...

The bee part probably best represents the queen in this story about my life and the queen would be my mom. She didn't have as much money as father one or father two - but she did have access to my Uncle Ross "P," Toran, an Attorney, @italiangf.

P.S. My Elementary School had a surprise one Christmas - a movie screen in the gymnasium. It was so that we should be able to watch movies on a larger screen, as the screen in class was too small.

P.S.S. I went home and explained that the entire school saw a real movie on a big screen...it had been given as a gift. The large screen remained and a movie would arrive at Christmas and various other times. I was always allowed to go to movies, when they were being shown throughout the year, with popcorn.

more about chickens:
“It is for exactly the same reason that twan chickens are red-cell chimeras, for the blood systems of the two separate embryos within the single shell communicate directly with each other.”
source:  from page 151 (read also 150-152)